Meet the Karna Bahadur Rai family, Immigration & Refugee Assistance Program

Karna Bahadur Rai had the tough decision to flee his homeland or continue to risk his life and that of his family. He chose to leave his native Bhutan and took with him his wife and their children. They found safety in a refugee camp in neighboring Nepal and when they were granted refugee status, eventually they were able to make their way to the United States two years ago.

Here, Karna Bahadur, his wife and their four children faced starting life over - learning a new language, culture and job. A Catholic Charities caseworker resettled them in an apartment with the basic necessities, and enrolled Mom and Dad in English classes at Catholic Charities and the children in school. This family is now empowered to make a new life and is happy to have a safe place in which to raise their children.

Hear about this family from Caseworker San Rai, who also came to Buffalo as a refugee just four years ago. Now, San is helping others to make a new start here.

Read more about our Immigration and Refugee Assistance Program.


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