Corporate 2014

I’m Bill Lawley, Jr. of Lawley Insurance, co-chair of Corporate Appeal 2014 supporting Catholic Charities of Buffalo. Thank you for your interest in our effort.

We’d like to introduce you to some special friends of Catholic Charities you are hearing on WBEN 930 AM; WGR 550 AM; Kiss 98.5 FM; STAR 102.5 FM; ESPN1520 AM and Alt Buffalo 107.7 FM through the generosity of Lawley Insurance and these stations. As you have heard, your contribution to the 2014 Corporate Appeal creates a future for years to come - you can read more about the impact below.

Take a moment to donate now via this link: Please support the 2014 Appeal. You can also call the Corporate Division Office of Catholic Charities at 716-218-1400, ext. 295 to donate or for more information.

Join Catholic Charities to help good neighbors, in great need.

Franklin Downing, Jr.
            "I always keep in mind my Dad's words, when he told us: 'Those that have should help those that don't have,' and there is no better way to help those that don't have than to give to Catholic Charities."

Towne Automotive Group


"There are great needs in our community and if you are in a position to donate even if it's just a small amount, maybe you can start with a small amount, donate and start a tradition like Towne Automotive Group did and give for 35 years. So please consider joining us with this campaign."

Gretchen A. Fierle
"We consider Catholic Charities one of those organizations who do an unbelievable job of being able to step into the life of another person and to bring resources, not just at one point, but continuously to many points until that person, that family, or that neighborhood actually can thrive and sustain itself on its own."

Senior Vice President
BlueCross BlueShield of Western New York


"Just imagine if a hundred small business gave $100 each, that's $10,000. $10,000 in the hands of Catholic Charities ensures that many, many families will be served, helped, not with a hand out, but with a hand up."

Christopher Glynn
          "There is a lot of need in Western New York and Catholic Charities works very well to meet those needs and we recognize that, and that's one of the criteria that's very important to us when we make the decision about where we spend our dollars that we donate to worthy causes."

Maid of the Mist Corporation


          "We would urge all companies to give back generously to Catholic Charities."

Read more about specific opportunities for giving: Corporate Giving Levels

Here is a list of our 2013 supporters: Thank You Corporate Donors

Catholic Charities of Buffalo

We help people in need regardless of someone’s religious, ethnic or cultural backgrounds. And when you help Catholic Charities, you strengthen our community, socially and economically.

We offer hope and a fresh start to families in crisis and teens who need job skills and a high school equivalency, share resources and parenting skills with kinship caregivers, and often provide a place to turn when other doors close. We provide hope for WNY when we protect, strengthen and empower the lives of the people we serve.

We are innovative and collaborative; we develop and encourage partnerships with other organizations for the benefit of our community.

Improving Lives

We know that businesses benefit when people have job training, education, nutrition and the support they need to succeed and become contributing community members. That’s part of the everyday, emergency and comprehensive assistance we provide, and continue with your help.
Being large and comprehensive (70 programs and 61 sites) is not enough, our success is measured by program results and our efficiency.

• In 2013, we assisted nearly 138,000 children, families, teens, adults and seniors.
• We helped 525 youth and young adults obtain a high school equivalency, improve math or reading skills or gain job readiness.
• We leverage about $3 in additional funding for every dollar raised.
• Fund-raising costs are kept low, at just 3.2 percent.
• We receive highest ratings from: Council on Accreditation for delivery of best quality service, and Charity Navigator for financial health, accountability and transparency.

“There is no better organization to give to, to help those in need than Catholic Charities.”

- Franklin Downing, Jr.


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