Education & Workforce Training Assistance

Our programs guide and support individuals who are out of school and want to improve their employability, and ultimately earn a living wage and more. For those who may be unemployed, underemployed or a dislocated worker, we provide a high school equivalency program, offer remedial assistance, and assist with enrollment in college or vocational training programs. Since 1975, Catholic Charities has assisted thousands of Erie and Niagara County residents get a fresh start with these services.


Education & Employment Programs

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Our two education and employment programs serve individuals age 16 and older and offer high school equivalency instruction, reading and math skills tutoring, the high school equivalency test application process and scheduling assistance, and assistance with college prep.

Tomorrow’s Youth Today

Tomorrow’s Youth Today assists out-of-school or unemployed youth ages 16 to 24 with high school equivalency preparation and scheduling, employment search assistance, tutoring, and college/training placement services. Students can enroll by emailing, or by calling 716-289-4508.

ECC Pathways

Erie Community College Pathways is a tuition-free, distinct college preparatory program for ages 16 and older. Pathways is a non-credit program to help individuals obtain a New York State high school equivalency diploma and prepare them for the high school equivalency exam. Students can enroll through ECC Pathways at Erie Community College.

A Better Me

Through our program, young men and women are provided with structure and services that promote positive behaviors and experiences. Our caseworkers partner with families to address individual, family and community issues. Our program track the progress youth are making while holding them accountable for their actions. These components work together to set the foundation for success, both today and tomorrow.

Services are based on the core principle that positive change can happen though addressing the 5 social determinates of success:

  • Economic stability or instability: employment opportunities, career training and finical literacy
  • Neighborhood and physical environment: housing, safety, transportation, opportunities to be outdoors and to travel
  • Education and literacy: reading skills, language development, access to vocational school or college
  • Community and social context: social integration, support systems, community, discrimination (or absence of)
  • Health care system: access, ability to pay, provider availability and cultural competency, quality of care

By providing alternatives to youth who are at-risk of gun violence, our program enable them to be more productive participants in our community.

We offer the following and more:

  • Alternative Education Programs
  • Career Training and Professional Development
  • Individual and Family Counseling Services
  • Wraparound Case Management Services
  • Mentoring and Goal Setting
  • Leadership Development Programs
  • Access to Medical Resources

Financial Empowerment

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Are you feeling overwhelmed by debt, student loans or money in general? Has the COVID-19 pandemic impacted your financial situation? Our free Financial Empowerment program can help!

You will learn about:

  • Basic money handling
  • Choosing and using financial products to help you save, earn and invest money
  • Building and maintaining a good credit score
  • How to feel secure about your financial future.

Begin today! Set up an initial, one-on-one appointment by calling (716) 856-4494.

This program is funded through a grant from M&T Bank.

Vocational Training

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Ready to elevate your employment status? Our vocational training programs offer hands-on experience and certifications in growing fields such as construction and telecommunications.

Youth Justice Programs

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These programs are designed only for youth involved in the criminal justice system who have referrals from the Erie County Youth Services Department or the Erie County Office of Mental Health. Services include high school equivalency preparation, job search, tutoring and case management.

Erie County Jump Start

Erie County Jump Start serves in-school youth ages 13 to 18. Assistance includes tutoring and case management services. Erie County Office of Mental Health manages referrals to Catholic Charities.