Financial Information

Catholic Charities of Buffalo, NY reports financial activities within combined financial statements including itself and affiliated entities. All revenue and expenses for program operations and administration of the organization are reported as operating activities. Non-operating activities primarily include contributions, bequests and investment income.

The affiliated entities of Catholic Charities of Buffalo, NY reported on the combined financial statements include:

  • Monsignor Carr Institute, Inc.
  • Ladies of Charity of Buffalo, NY, Inc.

The affiliated entities share various administrative costs which allow us to maximize program spending.  For the years ended 6/30/17 and 6/30/18, administrative costs for the combined entities were 8.4% and 9.3%, respectively. Fundraising costs are minimized by volunteer efforts and were both 3.4% for the years ended 6/30/17 and 6/30/18.

Although separate Federal Form 990 Information Returns are filed with the Internal Revenue Service for Catholic Charities of Buffalo, NY and Monsignor Carr Institute, Inc., we believe the combined financial statements more accurately reflect the Catholic Charities of Buffalo, NY organization as a whole.


Quality Improvement

Our Continuous Quality Improvement Journey

There is no finish line with quality and performance improvement at Catholic Charities. Good enough is not good enough. At Catholic Charities we promote a culture that values service quality and continual efforts to achieve strong performance and positive results for the people we serve.

This section is dedicated to sharing our journey with our stakeholders; persons served, their families, donors, funders, regulators, public agencies, and communities we serve.