A Rich History of Serving Those in Need

Founded in October 1923 through a joining of 16 institutions of the Diocese of Buffalo, Catholic Charities of Buffalo encompassed those institutions with a common mission of serving those most in need, and the most vulnerable among us – children, those with the least means and the eldest.

While Catholic Charities started in Erie County, just nine years later its reach extended to Cattaraugus, Chautauqua, Genesee and Niagara Counties. Eventually, it reached across the eight counties, and core services like emergency assistance and counseling were offered in every Western New York city. Out of the infancy of institution work, Catholic Charities realized the importance of ensuring its services best meet client need for independence and growth. Thus evolved the tradition of flexibility and striving to meet the needs and best interests of the people and communities served.

HOPE for all seasons

Throughout its history, Catholic Charities’ ability to make a difference has benefitted from a generous and compassionate community. Donors and volunteers alike bring their support of gifts, time and talents to make this work possible, and they add a richness and depth that enhances its efforts.

Today, Catholic Charities is a beacon of hope for people throughout all seasons of life – ensuring safety and support for children who are neglected or at risk of harm; providing intensive family therapy to parents of children and teens; getting young adults back on an education and career track; assisting an unemployed father with food for his family, and keeping older adults independent. Catholic Charities will continue to focus on hope and be a beacon of light for those in need.